What is turmeric powder in home remedy?

What is turmeric powder in home remedy?.Find more about turmeric powder Home Remedies at MyHomeRemedy.org

Turmeric powder is an outstanding cooking spice and has a rich golden color.  As the major ingredient in Indian curries, it is the constituent that gives curry its dizzy color and is extensively used instill the radiant glow in mustard. We are usually urged to eat plant foods that are powerful. This is because such plants have pigments which are linked with antioxidants, the nutrients that specialists believe repair and protect the cells from damage and also have anti-inflammatory properties. The deep color of turmeric highly categorizes it in this group of foods. Its magic ingredient, curcumin is present in turmeric only, and is what gives it its pigment.


Turmeric is a Rhizome that can be used as a herbal remedy, and has been in use for this purpose for several years in India, China and Indonesia. Currently, many experts are investigating how turmeric can be used as a treatment for several health problems. However, people use turmeric for very many reasons, including the following:

  • Brightening teeth

It is possible to make homemade toothpaste out of turmeric. Since turmeric has some staining properties, it is commonly used by many as a teeth whitener. The toothpaste can be made with turmeric powder in home remedy. You can make your own homemade toothpaste or still you can also sprinkle some turmeric powder on your conventional toothpaste and brush normally.

  • Customize foundation

Individuals with luminous skin face many skin issues with ashy make up. This problem can easily be solved by adding turmeric to your moisturizer so as to get that perfect glow that will match your skin. Furthermore, many ladies in India like to use turmeric in their body scrubs and face creams to enhance the skin’s glow. You should sprinkle a little turmeric at a time until you achieve the appropriate tone.

  • Spicing up soap.

Making homemade soap with turmeric not only brightens the soaps’ color, but it will also yield skin friendly benefits. Here is how to make homemade soap:

  • Scalp treatment

Many people use a combination of olive oil and turmeric for their scalp. This is known to take care of any dandruff issues that one may face. The process is easy. You only make a mix of turmeric and the oil that you normally use for your scalp, then massage the mixture evenly into your scalp and leave it to stay for 15 minutes, then wash and style as desired.

  • Enhance temporary tattoos

Turmeric can be used to create golden Mehndi for drawing temporary tattoos with henna. It can also be used to enrich the tattoo’s color to an extant henna tattoo.

  • Soothing a troubled stomach

Turmeric has been used in history as a stomach reliever. The national institute of health recommends 500mg of turmeric taken four times daily to treat a stomach upset.

  • Moderating sprain strain

Sprain treatment can be made traditionally by making a paste using salt, turmeric and water. The mixture is the applied to the affected joint and wrapped with a cloth. This should be left on for around 20 minutes to an hour, once every day. The university of Maryland medical center advice that turmeric should be used as a sprain swelling relief since it makes the bromelain effect even stronger.

  • Helping the swimmer’s ear

Warmed garlic oil is normally used to assist in pushing water that accumulates in a swimmer’s ear. When turmeric is added to the mixture, it is known to work twice as better.

  • Easing arthritis

The NIH recommends 500mg of specific turmeric extract taken twice a day, 500mg of non-commercial product taken four times daily is also used for osteoarthritis.

  • Prevention of skin cancer

Studies by the American cancer society have shown that curcumin restricts many molecular pathways involved in the development of cancer, its growth and spread. It has also been reported that cancer cells can be killed by curcumin in laboratory dishes, and also slows down the growth of surviving cells. Currently, the study of curcumin as a cancer treatment is still in the early stages.

  • Longevity tea

It has been duly noted that the individuals in Okinawa, Japan drink turmeric tea every day. Okinawa is a Japanese Island that has the world’s longest average life span. To make this special tea, boil water for around 10 minutes, add ginger, ground turmeric and then honey to taste.

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