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How to test pregnancy at home.Find more about pregnancy Home Remedies at

The suspense of whether or not one is pregnant is usually quite nerve wrecking. If you are looking to test pregnancy at home, this is the place to find out about the pregnancy test home remedies. It is important to know the appropriate time to test for pregnancy. A pregnancy test that is taken three or four days before the date of your missed period is very likely to show a false negative, where the test indicates that you are not pregnant and yet you are. You can undertake home pregnancy test discreetly at home.

Home pregnancy tests are at present readily available in any drug store all over the world. If you are having suspicions of pregnancy, then you might have to consider buying a home pregnancy test. This is very easy as they are readily available, simple to use, yield quick results and for sure, you will finally have peace of mind. However, before rushing to a nearby pharmacy to purchase the kit, it is important to know the basics involved in a home pregnancy test.


How long after conception will the pregnancy test be effective?

Pregnancy tests are usually controlled by food and drug administration. They have been in use since the early to mid-1900s when rat, rabbits and toads were used for investigation. Currently, the regular over the counter (OTC) pregnancy tests are preferred for privacy and quick results. They are able to detect pregnancy a day after missed period or 6 days after conception. This presents a huge advantage over other conventional pregnancy test methods, as it allows women to seek prenatal care early enough.

How the home pregnancy kits work

The kits are designed to detect the presence of hormone called human gonadotropin (hcg) which is usually produced by pregnant women only. Back in the 70s, the tube agglutination test was used. It involved using a test tube containing red blood cells to check the presence of Hcg in urine. If a ring appeared at the tube’s bottom after adding a urine sample, the test was positive. These tests are hardly ever used today, as they are quite sensitive to movement and human bias.

The pregnancy kits available today are more sophisticated.  Certain brands like First Response and e.p.t contain distinctive antibodies that are able to detect traces of hCG in urine. The kits are very simple to use. A sample of urine is mixed with the antibodies and a color change shows either positive or negative result.

Clearblue easy is a pregnancy test that uses the method referred to as rapid assay delivery, which yields results in just three minutes and lets the user know if the process has been done the right way. This method is a combination of antibodies with a biochemical process that detect the presence of hCG in an instrument that has the shape of a pen.

What is the accuracy of home pregnancy tests?

Most manufacturers will definitely defend their product by saying that they are 99% accurate, and that incorrect results are usually due to usage of the product after the date of expiry, presence of cancer in the user, exposure of the product to sunlight  and generally improper usage of the kits. It is wise to look at the package instructions so as to yield accurate results.

Whatever brand you use or result you obtain, it is highly recommended that you repeat the process a few days after just to confirm the results. This is because the levels of Hcg after conception go down. Each pregnancy test has its own individual strength and may not detect the amount of Hcg hormone at first.

It is now quite easy for any woman to check for pregnancy today. The test kits are reliable and one can easily formulate a homemade pregnancy report based on the test taken. The kits are quite affordable and so it is very important to see a doctor after confirming pregnancy. Prenatal care should be sought as soon as possible for the mother and child’s case.

Now, you don’t have to worry about exposing your confidential matters through clinic visit when you are still not sure. Just do a home pregnancy test.

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