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Zits are also commonly known as pimples and are a common problem among many people especially those at the adolescent stage across the globe. Zits are said to cause by over-reaction of the skin’s hair follicles which react by producing oil that clogs the skin pores. This makes the skin to develop pimples which may later develop into acne. When you experiencing this problem you can leverage on a number of  home remedies for zits which work effectively and do not have any serious side effects to your face or skin.  When you zits problem is not chronic you can apply a zits home remedy that you are comfortable with to eliminate the pimples. Most natural products deliver the best results when used as remedies for zits, since they do not contain chemicals that might aggravate the situation. Home treatment for zits is inexpensive, safe and simple to practice. Here are some of the remedies.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory. It helps in clearing the bacteria that are trapped within the skin pores that cause zits. It also fights most of the germs and microbial organisms that aggravate the condition of zits. The anti-inflammatory property shrinks that pimples hence makes your face clear. Lemon juice also contains properties that lighten the skin. This gives your skin a lighter tone and acts as a reprieve to the spots that are left after healing of the zits. Lemon juice is one of the effective means of home remedies for zits since it offers more than just healing the zits. The process of application involves squeezing lemon juice into a container. Then use a clean piece of cloth or a cotton wool to rub the juice on the zits. Allow it to dry for some 15 minutes then rinse it using water. They will dry and subsequently disappear when you do it twice daily for some weeks.


Honey is a natural product that you can leverage upon as a home treatment for zits. It is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. It cleans your skin by opening up the skin pores and kills the bacteria. It also lightens the skin hence improving the skin tone. It is effective in eliminating zits as well as clearing the spots left after healing of the zits. You need to rub honey on the affected part of the body. Then let it dry for some 15 minutes and wash it using lukewarm water. Do it twice a day for improved results.


Steaming is another zits home remedy that helps in clearing them. Steaming is beneficial in opening up of the skin pores and getting rid of materials that clog the pores. You can steam the part of the skin affected by the zits using hot water for 15 minutes or else go for a steam shower. Clearing the pores will help the skin to breath and this will eradicate the pimples.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is an important natural remedy for most of dermatological infections. It is very effective in curing zits and in preventing reoccurrence. It is antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. Tea tree oil kills the bacteria and fungi that contribute in the emergence of zits. It opens up the skin pores and clears the black and the whiteheads. It also stimulates the growth of new skin cells hence improving your skin texture. You need to rub tea tree oil on the affected part of the skin twice after washing your face or body. When you repeat this in a week’s time you will have realized some significant improvements.


Mint is another home remedy you can use in clearing zits. Mint aids in clearing up of the skin pores and in flushing out clogging substances inside the pores. It is mint is mixed with yogurt. The paste is then applied on the face or where the zits are. It will clean and clear the pores hence eliminate them with time when applied twice a day.

Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera is another product that has been utilized in treating most of the skin related problems. Aloe vera cleans and clears the skin pores. It also kills germs and bacteria that cause zits. Aloe vera is very natural and does not have any negative side effect to the skin. It also helps to shrink the pimples due to the anti-inflammatory properties in it. Use a fresh aloe vera leaf and squeeze the gel out. Apply the gel twice a day for ideal results.

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