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A dazzling and lively skin is a sign of good health and a makes the face radiant. When your face is radiant, it makes you look young and beautiful. At no time would any one wish that their face portray dullness or any state of unattractiveness. Through the use of simple home remedies, you can reinvigorate your looks and become an attractive person. Application of herbal remedies to skin care is much safer than use of chemically-impregnated substances. Further, herbal medication has lesser side effects when compared to these chemicals. The side effects may end up ruining your skins instead of repairing it from damages. These remedies will improve skin tone and they also help you regain a glow skin that you have been missing to have over and over again. In applying herbal remedies, the following natural ingredients may be used:

            Sugar and honey scrub

The sugar and honey scrub helps gently remove dead cells on from your body, enabling quick and first replacement by new cells. The new cell will bring out a radiant glowing skin. When you use the sugar and honey scrub on your skin, your skin complexion will significantly improve and help you retain an attractive skin. The process of making and using the scrub is simple since it involves the following steps.

  • Mixing some honey and sugar lumps in a container and stir for a while to make the mixture strong.
  • Apply the mixture on your skin gently to remove the dead cells. Ensure that you apply gentle pressure when rubbing the mixture on your face to avoid harming your skin.
  • Clean your face with water.
  • Continue this regimen once per week for about one month. You will notice a glow forming as you continue.
  • When the condition of your skin starts to react negatively due to the rubbing you should reduce the rate of application.

Lemon and honey

A mixture of lemon and honey can help you change your skin complexion significantly.  When your face is dull and needs a natural remedy to help change and improve skin texture and looks, lemon and honey mixture is the answer. The process is as follows

  • Put honey in a container then squeeze some lemon juice and add it to the honey.
  • Mix the content well and then apply it on your skin gently.
  • Wait for about 10 minutes and then rinse your face with warm water.

Your face will gain a new glowing look as this mixture help to exfoliate your skin.

Orange peel powder

Orange peel powder is another useful natural remedy that you can use to improve your skin complexion. The process involves:

  • Dry orange peels in the sun until they dry
  • Grind the orange peels into a powder
  • Mix the powder with curd
  • Apply the mixture over your skin
  • Leave it on your face (preferably covered with dump towel) for 20 minutes then rinse with warm water
  • Repeat the process, doing it daily for about two weeks repairs damaged and dull skin.

The orange peel powder will improve skin tone and make it look young and lustre, which is the desire of most people.

Sandalwood and orange

A mixture of sandalwood powder and orange peel powder can also work wonders in giving you a new attractive skin complexion. Mixing the two powders in a container and adding water you can create a paste. Apply the paste over your skin for about 20 minutes and then remove it by rinsing your skin. The paste is natural way of bleaching your skin without harming it. A glow skin effect will emanate from this mixture as it contains important natural properties that effective in the removal of dead skin and blackheads.

Oatmeal pack

Oatmeal removes dirt that is really entrenched into your skin making it look dull. The process involves,

  • Mixing oatmeal with turmeric and some drops of lemon
  • Mix them to make a paste
  • Apply the paste over your skin
  • Wait for about 20 minutes and rinse your skin using warm water.

Peach and tomato pack

A mixture of peach and tomato can help your face attain the best light looking complexion that you desire. The mixture contains important minerals that gives your skin a natural plumper and tightness. You should mix the two to make a paste and then apply it on your skin. Allow to dry for 20 minutes then wash it. You skin complexion will significantly change and lighten up over time.

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