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When your breathing system is blocked, breathing becomes a problem especially at night when you are sleeping. Wheezing home remedies can help you deal with the problem of wheezing which is caused by mucous which blocks the breathing system. The problem is mainly caused by allergies which affects the respiratory system making breathing a problem. When it is blocked air does not flow freely into the lungs hence making you produce a wheezing sound as you strive to breathe. The problem can become complicated when not treated well hence the need to find a lasting solution. There are several home remedies for wheezing which you can leverage upon to stop and mitigate the wheezing problem. Here are some of the home treatments for wheezing which work effectively in dealing with the problem.


Garlic has a high healing power and therefore it proves to a reliable home treatment for wheezing.  Garlic is antibacterial hence help in combating bacteria that causes the clogging of the breathing system and dealing with cough. Garlic is also anti-inflammatory hence reduce inflammation of the breathing system reducing the breathing problem. Garlic significantly reduces the wheezing problem when used by reducing the intensity of the mucus produced and by healing inflammation of the breathing system. You can consume garlic by crushing it. Then add the crushed garlic into a glass of warm water. Allow it to settle for some minutes then drink the water. The problem will significantly reduce when you repeat taking the water with garlic on daily basis.


Powdered turmeric is another reliable wheezing home remedy.  Turmeric is used in healing most of the body problems that affects us and hence you should also leverage on it for its effectiveness. Turmeric is anti-inflammatory hence it helps reduce and stop inflammation of the breathing tract hence reducing the wheezing problem. When the tract is inflamed breathing becomes a problem especially at night during sleeping. It also helps in fighting bacteria that cause the cough which clogs the system.  Turmeric powder is very effective in dealing with asthma and wheezing problems. The process of application involves grinding turmeric into a powder. Then you add the powder into a glass of warm water and stir until the powder dissolves. Then drink the water and repeat it twice a day for the best results.

Lobelia tea

Another wheezing home remedy is lobelia tea. It has a soothing effect which makes the blocked breathing system clear making it easier to breathe. It also soothes the inflamed parts of the breathing system that makes breathing a problem, hence giving you a relief. Lobelia tea should not be consumed hurriedly

Orange juice

Orange juice contains vitamin c which is very essential in the lining of the respiratory system. Vitamin c strengthens the lining and offer protection against infection. Drinking a glass of orange juice each day will significantly deal with the whining problem by making your lining stronger.

Lemon juice

Just like orange juice, lemon juice contains vitamin c which makes the respiratory lining stronger. It also contains antibacterial and anti –inflammatory properties that helps in dealing with the cough and mitigating inflammation. Lemon juice is an important home treatment for wheezing that you should not overlook.

Red chill

Red chill aids in opening up the respiratory system hence making the air passage smooth.  It helps in making the mucus and the cough thin hence allowing the passage of the air. The intensity of the mucus and the cough reduces significantly and breathing problems are resolved within a very short period of time. It is a reliable source of relief when you are experiencing wheezing problem.

Drinking coffee

Coffee has a very powerful healing effect that can help you when you are having a wheezing problem. The caffeine in coffee helps in opening up the respiratory system and in dealing with the inflammation problems. This allows air to pass and flow more easily. You should make it a habit to take coffee on daily basis when you have a wheezing problem to unclear the system.


Honey is another important Wheezing home remedy. It is antibacterial hence fights cough bacteria and also deals with inflammation.  You should mix it with tea or take it raw. You can also inhale its aroma and it will clear your respiratory system.

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