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Mycobacterium tuberculosis it the bacteria that cause tuberculosis, the disease which also referred as tuberculosis affects the lung.  Organs along the respiratory infection, including mouth nose and windpipe are the places through which the bacteria enter the body and the bacteria can remain in the lungs for as long as it has not been noted. Factors like smoking, alcohol consumption, stress and low immunity are the major cause’s tuberculosis.

Lung infections usually starts on exposure to substances leading to the disease. Whereas bloodstream and lymph nodes are used to quickly spread the bacteria to other part of the body which infect the major organs in the body, Death may occur if the patient lacks medical care.

Fever, night sweats, sudden chills, chest pain, and weight loss and prolonged coughing are some of tuberculosis symptoms. This symptoms may be reduced through tuberculosis home remedy.

Tuberculosis can be treated with custard apple that produces properties that are related to drugs that treat tuberculosis.home remedies for tuberculosis for  treating of the conditions and can bring down the symptoms as the custard juice is extremely efficient. Custard apples are boiled in water together with the seeds after been removed the pulp, then the solution is reduced to one third of the original amount after been boiled in a low flame for some time, some powdered sugar is added to it for taste the resultant solution, to get relief from tuberculosisand to prevent persistent symptoms ones take the solution at least twice a day. It is a home remedies for tuberculosis that is easy and cheap to try.

home treatment for tuberculosiscan also involve using milk and yogurt. Some animal product like milk are consider as best natural resources of calcium, which are best therapeutic agent for  reducing the symptoms  and treating tuberculosis, to treat it you supposed to have enough calcium , giving a reason for fundamentally making sure to drink milk regularly. Doctor sometimes recommend individuals to take only milk for their daily meal as a home treatment for tuberculosis , one will then be required to partake at least two glasses of milk in a day.

An individual is recommended to take pineapple for an excellent home treatment for tuberculosisremedy , which enable it to clear nasal blockage in addition to quickening  the recovery process and  ability to dissolve mucus,  patient are recommend to take a glass  every day to try get rid of tuberculosis and its symptoms.

Tuberculosis home remedycan also involve sue of Indian gooseberry for most individuals. The fruits also has more uses than just that, it can restore overall health and vitality in a very short period of time and reduce the symptoms of tuberculosis at great extent. The juice is extracted from the fruits and mixed with some honey at least a tablespoon that only the best way of benefiting from the fruit, for an individual taking this in the morning before taking anything help to reduce symptoms and alleviate tuberculosis.

Since ancient time times banana have been used  to cure some severe cases of the condition and also for treatment of tuberculosis, individuals may either drink banana juice  every day or eating raw bananas in the morning and evening  for those experiencing severe  symptoms  like high fever , frequent cough with blood and severe expectoration.

Natural exhibit saline is produced by orange that clear blocked airways effectively and help to loosen the mucus, also increase overall heath andprevent secondary infections from setting in. Extract juices from the oranges. Mix a pinch salt and few drops of honey to juice and drink every day and this reduces tuberculosis and it symptom

Treating tuberculosis and offering quick and effective from it symptoms can be offered by mint, it clear nasal blockage and loosen the mucus also help to increase the overall resistance of the body to infections and to nourish the lungs. Honey band malt vinegar is mixed to fresh mint juice in the ratio of 1:2:2, any fruits or vegetables is added to the resultant mix made before.  One is required to take this mixer twice a day to reducetuberculosis infections.

Eradication of germs that cause tuberculosisand its symptoms can be reduced by garlic that contains sulfuric acid, if garlic taken as daily meal can help to treat tuberculosis and it symptoms effectively. A solution is made by mixing milk and cloves of raw garlic and boil them, then eat boiled garlic together with milk which help to reduce tuberculosis treatment.

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