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Having white teeth that are well arranged, having no stains, lacking funny discolors and some types of deformities is everyone’s lifelong goal. There are various incredible home remedies for teeth whitening that does wonders to persons affected and also if you want to retain your white colored teeth. The market over the past few years has been innovating toothpastes that performs the role of teeth whitening. Teeth bleaching kits have also had an entry into the market. The products are there for business and not to solve the underlying problem.

In bid to do home treatment for teeth whitening, it is good to understand the components that promote the discoloring of teeth. They include amongst others drinking too much tea and coffee that leaves stains along the teeth , there is also consumption of drinks that are loaded with high concentration of sugars , smoking is the worst causative agent for teeth discoloration and from a professionals point of view , the practice of brushing teeth right after having a meal.

Teeth whitening home remedy can be done in a number of ways.  Eating strawberries promotes teeth whitening as it possesses properties such as the malic acid which is an enzyme and also vitamin C. the berry is able to use the properties to remove stains on the surface of the teeth. You can try and mash some strawberries and use them while brushing and wait for some weeks to see the results. This should be practiced twice or thrice in a week.

Baking soda is also a form of home remedies for teeth whitening. Baking soda is used in conjunction with juice extracted from lemon; the effect is sparkling brightening effect on the teeth. It is however good to take caution that despite baking soda being a good whitening agent for teeth , it can also wear out the enamel when used more often. Its use is therefore restricted to once in a week at its maximum.

Food is the bodies’ medicine from nature. Fruits that are crunchy and vegetables are teeth’s brush adapted freely from nature. Some fruits such as carrots, apples and pears will work a big deal with your teeth. Crushing and chewing the fruits will promote the removal of excess particles of food and some bacteria available within the mouth. The fruits has in itself acids that break down the odors that are unpleasing and also whitens the teeth. The acid contained in major fruits is malice; it breaks down the top surface of the teeth, eroding all manner of stains and colors. A balanced diet will do a good job in ensuring that your teeth are white as they will contain all necessary elements they require.

Using vinegar from apple cider, home treatment for teeth whitening is practicable as you will only be required to use a small cotton wool roll, sprinkle some of the vinegar and wipe through the surface of the teeth. This can be repeated for a few days, to achieve results of having white teeth as desired.

Another teeth whitening home remedy is by brushing the teeth and flossing. Flossing is a good way to remove stains found in teeth once in due time. Those that are between the teeth are the best removed using this method. Caution should be taken that brushes that are used to clean the teeth do not harm or damage your gum overtime. It should also be noted that it weakens the teeth by brushing teeth more often; it should be done in small bits for a lifelong white sparkle from your smile.

Another home remedies for teeth whitening is a process that is very cheap and does no harm to you. The process involves taking some quantity of organic oil and gurgling around the mouth for around half an hour.  You can ensure that the oil is passing through the interspaces between the teeth. After the specified time, rinse your mouth with substantial amount of water. You can thereafter consume some glasses of water.

Salt is another form of home treatment for teeth whitening that have been used for many years. It contains mineral components that it can replenish upon excision. Salt is an agent that can revive the white color of teeth. Salt is harmless and one can use it on a daily basis instead of using the convectional toothpaste.


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