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Reflux is a condition that affects most people causing discomfort. Reflux is commonly known as heartburn and is a major problem among most people across the globe. The problem emanates from the stomach acids when these acids are released they at times drain into the esophagus causing a burning effect from the chest to the throat. It can be very uncomfortable especially at night when you are sleeping and this condition attacks you. You can’t be able to enjoy you sleep when you have an irritating thing chocking your throat. For your information there are simple home remedies for reflux that you can implement when this condition affects you. Reflux home remedies are important and applicable especially when you don’t have another resolution you can turn to.

            Use baking soda

Baking soda is an effective anti-acid since it is basic. It can help you put off the feeling of discomfort as a result of heartburn. The basic property helps in neutralizing the acid that is causing the heartburn hence relieving that stress. When you experience a hurt burn you can simply take a tea spoonful of baking soda and make a mixture in a cup of water. Stir the mixture until all the baking soda disappears. Drink the mixture and repeat the same if the problem emerges again.


Lemon juice is an important thing that can also help in relieving reflux. It has a neutralizing effect when it is taken. It therefore neutralizes stomach acid condition and support in restoring normalcy in the stomach. Lemon juice also helps prevent acid reflux when taken prior to taking meals. It inhibits release of acids hence making it a reflux home remedy. The administering process is simple since it only involves squeezing the lemon juice on a tea spoon and taking it.

Aloe Vera juice

Aloe Vera juice is very beneficial when taken during an acidic reflux. It helps calm down the paining parts of the esophagus and also neutralize the acid. The juice as the ability to solve the problem over a short period of time due to the medicinal importance associated with it. It has the ability to offer other important cure to other problems affecting your stomach. The juice also offers protection against acid reflux when taken in advance before eating especially in the morning.  You can mix it with juices you buy from shops and take on daily basis to keep acid reflux at bay. The process of extraction involves squeezing the juice in aloe Vera leaves into a container. Mix the juice with mango or orange juice and drink the mixture. It will neutralize the acids and restore a good feeling.

Consuming enzyme rich food

Enzyme rich foods bring with them several health benefits to your body other than solving acid reflux. Enzymes help your body to absorb nutrients and also help digestion to take place effectively. When food is digested and absorbed effectively the acid reflux problem is not likely to affect you. Problem in digestion and absorption of food are the key culprits in causing acid reflex. Fruits and vegetables are rich in enzymes and hence you should make them an important part of your diet to form a reflux home remedy.

Chewing gum

Chewing a gum helps stimulate production of saliva hence increasing saliva in the mouth. Swallowing saliva helps wash away the acid in the esophagus as well as to dilute it making it a reliable homemade treatment for reflux. When the acid is washed away the condition subsides and it disappears with time. Chewing the gum right after taking food will also help prevent the problem. The best chewing gum to use is the sugarless gum.


Ginger is very essential in healing most of the stomach problems. It is also more important home treatment for reflux. When mixed with tea, it helps neutralize the acid and prevent further acid from being produced. Ginger can also be taken alone and help in prevention of heart burn. You can simply slice into a cup of warm water and cover for half an hour. Sieve the content and drink it. This will prevent acid reflux from attacking you and in extension solve several abdominal problems.

Several reflux home remedies that you can use to deal with this problem. The most important thing is understand your health status and know what works best for you.

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