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Hemorrhoids, also known as piles, are swollen veins around the anal area or the anal canal. This can be very painful and linger on for long periods of time, causing extreme anger and agony in some cases.  Primary symptoms of hemorrhoids include bleeding and itching. Often times, people don’t even know that the hemorrhoids are even there, and they are discovered because of bleeding.

Doctors do not know the exact cause. It has been suggested that 75 percent of adults in North America and Europe will experience hemorrhoids at some point. Many of them will require treatment. Hemorrhoids are usually most common among adults between 45 and 65. So this insinuates that younger people and children do not get them as much, which is true. Some people are more likely to get hemorrhoids because they might have weak veins. It could potentially be something that people inherit.

It’s likely that extreme pressure in the abdominal region can make veins swell and get irritated. This pressure is usually the result of obesity, pregnancy, standing or sitting for a long time, coughing, sneezing, or vomiting. Many adults get it and do not know to react or what exactly to do in order to combat Hemorrhoids.

Initially, one of the first things people do to cure Piles is get OTC medication. The problem is that people do not know the possible side effects. Luckily, there are quite a number of piles home remedyavailable. In most cases, the patient can just take simple measure forhome remedies for pileswhile the issue will heal on its own. Here are eight solutions which will assist you in getting rid of hemorrhoids.

Cold compress

A cold compress is a form ofhome remedies for pilesthat will make the hemorrhoids become small in size. This will take away pain and give people instant relief from itching. Doing this a few times a day will reduce the hemorrhoids very significantly.

Psyllium husk

Piles home remedy can also be controlled by using Psyllium husk is stuffed with fiber, which will make stools softer. Hard stools could potentially worsen the hemorrhoids which would cause more pain. Consuming psyllium husk regularly may indeed help in removing stress in the veins, providing time for everything to heal. In general, consuming more fiber in different ways is also a good idea.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Pure apple cider vinegar is very beneficial in treating this condition using piles home remedy. Take a cotton ball and soak it with apple cider vinegar. Put it directly on the hemorrhoids for relief. Regarding internal hemorrhoids, consuming a small portion of vinegar with water may provide pain relief.


Soaking yourself in warm water will work a good deal as a form of home treatment for piles as it can provide relief from pain and itching, as well as causing the blood vessels to relax. Doing this regularly helps in reducing hemorrhoids. Do this at least twice a day for maximum results.


More regularly aerobic exercises, like jogging for 10 minutes every day, can help you from suffering too much.

Tea Tree oil

Tea tree oil can effectively and efficiently stop inflammation and can cure hemorrhoids as a natural home treatment for piles. It should always be mixed with a carrier oil, such as sweet almond oil or castor oil.

Hydrate yourself

As simple as this may seem, dryness may actually aggravate hemorrhoids and cause bleeding. Do not use a dry tissue to wipe any affected area, as it may cause damage that can worsen the vessels.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is an extremely effective natural ingredient that gives fast relief from hemorrhoids. For internal hemorrhoids, cut stripes of the aloe Vera, discard all of the thorns, and freeze it. Use this on the inflamed areas. This is a method to consider because it is all natural, and for that reason it will be able to combat the problem better than artificial solutions.

 Lemon Juice

The antioxidants in lemons will definitely help this condition. Put it on the inflamed area or ingest lemon juice with ginger to reap the nutritional value. This is one of the most effective solutions.

 Olive Oil

One of the fastest ways to promote healing is to use olive oil. Olive oil is a good ingredient that helps in curing the symptoms of Hemorrhoids. Using olive oil a couple times daily will boost the healing procedure and pain associated with the hemorrhoids.


Use nonprescription pain medicine to help with hemorrhoid pain. Ibuprofen is suggested.

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