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For most people, having burns while at home or at places of work is a common affair. There are those burns that happen during your normal routine of ironing , while using a hot stove , microwaves and generally all other equipment’s and appliances that have the capacity to heat up. At this point, the worry of the effects of a burn is no more with the various minor burn home remedies available. These natural home remedies can be able to promote healing of the burns and promote fast recovery. They are discussed below

Tea bags is the number one home remedies for minor burns that should cross your mind when you have a burn over your skin. The tea bag has tannic acid, which promote inflammatory properties thus relieving the pain that would be experienced. The procedure for use of this home treatment for minor burns is to simply use about four of the tea bags and place them in water. After soaking the tea bags for some time, remove the tea bags and squeeze them on top of the burn area. There is also another option of draining all liquid from the tea bags and using the drained liquid to cure the burn.

Oatmeal is another Home Remedies for Minor Burns that promotes healing of the burn on its progress of healing. Oatmeal helps in relieving developed itchiness from the burn. Oatmeal is used in making cereal based breakfast. Some of the cereal is ground into a tub of water and soaked for a period of between fifteen and twenty minutes after which it is then dried. The thin paste of oatmeal should be applied around the burn area immediately to avoid drying out before working its purpose. Caution should be taken to avoid accidents caused by the slippery oatmeal when it falls on the floor of the house.

Ice cubes are also used for home treatment for minor burns. For a tongue that has had a burn, ice cubes are the best shot that you would use, working better and effectively than having to partake water. Some of the reasons that can make one to have burns on their tongue includes drinking hot beverages such as soups and chocolate. The only thing required of you is to hold the ice cube onto the affected area or site for some time, every now and then until effective results are experienced. It is a home remedy that is simple and only takes some few days to cool down without causing other side effects.

A home remedy that is likely not to miss in any home is vinegar. It is a home treatment for minor burns that provides sufficient anti-inflammatory properties promoting the burn sites to be relieved. The acidic compound can be applied using a variety of ways that includes compressing the acid onto the burn surface or soaking the acid into a mixture of water and vinegar. The astringent properties makes vinegar stand out as one of the best home remedies for burns , not forgetting that it also has anti septic properties that keeps the burn area free from bacterial infection.

The sap produced by aloe Vera is a natural remedy that makes it suitable for use as a home treatment for minor burns. The sap promotes cooling and has anti-inflammatory properties that makes the burn area get relieved. The procedure is simple as you only need to squeeze out juice from some pieces and apply it over the burn area.

Oil obtained from coconut is also an effective home remedies for minor burns that can be practiced at home. The oil is known to have compounds made of acids that promote lightening of the burn area.  Apart from vitamin E, lauric and capricacic acids are also contained in the coconut oil. These acids have mechanisms to fight fungal, bacteria and is also an antioxidant. Lemon juice can also be used in combination with the coconut oil and directly applied to the burn areas. This procedure should be applied at about three times a day for a period of time to allow the burn area to heal. It can be used for all forms of burns, bruises as well as clearing scars.

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