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Just like humans your pet can also be affected by cold which is commonly known us kennel cough. The disease is airborne meaning that it can be contracted by several other dog pets in your home when one of the dogs has the illness. Home remedies for kennel cough symptoms can help you treat your dog as well save yourself the cost treatment in case you could have taken your pet to a veterinary. The process of home treatment for kennel cough symptoms involves simple steps that won’t be hard for you to apply and execute while at home. You are assured of positive outcome when you apply each procedure in the right way. Here are some of the important home remedies for kennel cough symptoms that you can apply at your home when your pet has been affected.


As sweet as it is to humans, it can also be a sweet Kennel cough symptoms home remedy for your dog. Honey works by limiting release of mucus discharge which is caused by the cold. When the mucus discharge is limited your pet will be able to heal easily since honey is antibacterial hence killing the bacteria that are causing the cold and the discharge. A full tea spoonful of honey will work best when given to your pet twice or thrice per day in treating kennel cough symptoms.


Probiotics aids in fighting disease causing bacteria in your pet hence enhancing its immune system significantly. The pet is able to fight the disease symptoms and rise over the condition over a short period of time. When it is used with other antibiotics it helps your dog remain strong and avoid further attacks by the symptoms. The administration of antibiotic and probiotic should take place at different intervals to avoid severe body reactions. Probiotics is an important Kennel cough symptoms home remedy that you should not overlook when searching a cure for your pet.


Another Kennel cough symptoms home remedy you can offer your dog to open up its throat is steam. The steam helps in opening up the breathing tract of the dog and helps it clear the mucus discharge easily and more effectively. You should steam your house and make it hot by using steam to some relevant levels. Then allow your dog to breathe that air for like half an hour. The effect will be that the dog will be able to unclear its throat and get rid of materials that are clogging it hence reducing the cough. Steaming is a simple and a reliable way of healing your dog when faced with this problem.


Garlic pills

Garlic pills work effectively in promoting the body immunity of your dog hence improving its recovery. When the pills are administered with the meals, you dog will be able to recover fast and enhance protection against the symptoms in the future.

Chicken soup

Chicken soup is another home treatment for kennel cough symptoms. It is a sweet meal for human and likewise your dog cannot resist it. The soup helps to sooth sore throats as a result of coughing hence helping relive the pain. It also boosts the immunity making the dog recover quickly. A bowl of chicken soup when given to your dog on daily basis will help revamp its recovery process and make it strong while recovering.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is another powerful and effective remedy that you can use to treat your dog’s cough with. Coconut oil is antiviral and hence helps in fighting the virus that causes kennel cough in your dog. Coconut oil is a natural remedy that also helps to boost your pet’s immunity as well as fight other infections that might be attacking it.  You can administer it through trickling a teaspoonful of coconut oil on the dog’s meals or directly give it to the dog. The dog will be able to recover fast and improve its immunity significantly.


Cinnamon can also be used to offer Kennel cough symptoms home remedy. Cinnamon is antiviral hence can aid in your dog’s recovery by fighting the virus that is causing the kennel cough. It can be administered directly or also indirectly by mixing it with the dog’s meals. When applied over a period of time it will help the dog recover and also improve its immunity.

Those are some of the home remedies for kennel cough symptoms that you can apply to treat your dog when it infected. The best thing is offer the remedy as soon as the symptoms are detected before they get to the full blown stage.

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