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Fenugreek or Meth is the most effective hair loss home remedies to control hair loss. Antecedent’s hormone that helps in hair growth and repairs of hair follicle which are found in seeds of fenugreek, the seeds contains proteins and nicotinic acid that boosts hair growth and strengthens the hair shafts.

Hair loss home remedies can control and boost hair growth canbe helped by how many fenugreek seed, grind the seed and soak it overnight in water then in the morning make a fine paste. The hair and scalp are applied with the fenugreek seed paste and it set for an hour or thirty minutes then covering the hair with a shower cap to avoid it becoming dry. Shampoo or using a cleanser is not required the hair usually rinsed with plenty of water, the process of treatment is repeated twice per week monthly and one get the results

Heavy pollution in environment are becoming very common causes of excessive hair loss also home remedy for hair loss and quick hair growth one can use aloe Vera. Reduction of Scalp problems like itching and flaking it can be solved by effectively use of aloe Vera. Restoration of the natural pH level of this scalp which promotes hair growth can be   caused by mildly alkaline property. Fighting of dandruff can be effectively treated by aloe Vera gel, collecting a pulp from aloe Vera leaf   and apply it to the scalp and air and observe for 45minutes to an hour and use plenty water to wash the hair. The treatment can be done for 3-4 times a week for positive results.

home remedies for hair loss and boosting hair loss one can use onion to prevent suffering from heavy air loss, the kitchen onion do wonders for treatment of hair. Blood circulation in the hair follicles can be improved by the high sulfur content in the onions. Parasites and germs are killed by onions juice that contain anti- bacterial properties, grinding an onion and squeezing out the juice from a fresh onion then leave it for an hour after applying onto the scalp and hairs. Use plenty of water with a mild cleanser wash off.

Another home remedies for hair loss is by using hot oil massage which are caused by lack  nutrition also lukewarm oil and massage of the scarp daily may  reduce  hair fall, any oil that is rich in vitamin E can be used for remedy of hair loss for instance coconut oil , almond oil mustard oil  olive oil and jojoba oil can be used to serve the same purpose or one can mixed all  the oils and become with the best results then for the  mixture heat it in an iron or steel container  and massage the scalp and hair with the oil  and get the total benefits  of hot oil  and apply it

Vitamin c found in Alma or Gooseberry that triggers hair loss and is known to control hair fall and boosting natural hair growth, it promotes hair growth and maintain healthy scalp.

Indian gooseberries and discard seed are grinded when they are fresh  to make a pulp, few drops of lemon is added and mixed with the pulp  then the mixture is massaged on the  scalp. Pulp can be used alone without adding lemon juice, after an hour washes it off with a plenty of water.

Loss of hair can still be caused by tumors, thyroid diseases, connective tissues diseases, syphilis, trauma, bacterial, fungal, also herpes infection of the scalp, over brushing or overuse of dyes and permanents, improper hair care with tight hairstyles and too high level of male hormones in women.

Zinc, iron, copper, folic acid, B12, B6 and vitamin A are nutrients that may lead to hair loss when there are in absence in body. Vitamin A toxicity and deficiency can be sign of hair loss. Normal formation of red blood cells that supply oxygen to hair shaft that are facilitated by vitamin B6, B12, folic acid copper and iron

Formation of hair pigmentation is brought about by copper, alsocolor changes in hair can be caused  by copper deficiency  ,for deficiency of vitamin C causes hair to  be dry, kinky , hair to split and break easily also for good scalp and hair follicle health vitamin E is necessary while for hair growth and strength one take silica.

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