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It is not always a cold; it might turn out to be a flu causing you to sneeze every now and then. The flu might continually begin to drain you making you feel weak. Fortunately enough, there are home remedies for flue provides a mechanism for which you can be able to manage these contagious disease just while at home. To identify flu some symptoms that are likely to show includes having a fever, congestion along your nasal cavity, having aches and coughing.

To avoid being dehydrated, take more and more water. It can be worse if you will be experiencing diarrhea and vomiting along the way. You can try on fruit juices and some other beverages that contain electrolytes. You might have to avoid any substance that tends to increase the flow of urine, which causes the body to get rid of excess water including coffee. Some tea that is herbal will cure a sensational sore throat. Every time nausea occurs, it is advisable that you partake water sip by sip in small bits. At home, you can verify whether you are getting rid of enough fluids by checking on the color, it should be colorless and close to being a pale yellow.

Drinking alcoholic beverages should not even cross your mind when having flu. Sleep is induced by alcohol which was already being induced by the flu in your body system. The results would be catastrophic and you might end up intoxicating your body more.

Home treatment for flu can also be cured by using soup. This has been used for quite a number of years by our parents. For the small kids, soup that is made by boiling chicken is good for their health and in curing flu. Chicken soup is also credited for curing other respiratory related infections and illnesses. To some extent, some medical professional research indicates that when one bends over a cup of soup and the warm vapor gets into their system, they feel better.

Another flu home remedy is obeying and paying attention to what your body is saying to you. While suffering from the flu, don’t push yourself into some chores that will at the end of the day can cause more damage and harm, than cure. While some sort to stay all day in beds, having a rest from your normal routine is the best favor you can do for yourself.

Home remedies for flu works in strategies that will promote clearing of the nasal pathway. This helps the patient clear the congestion through their nose and ease the sore throat pain. Taking hot steamy showers and baths will work well in cleaning the respiratory pathway. If possible, find a basin of hot water and cover yourself inhaling the hot steam. The sole purpose of all these steam strategies is to humidify the nasal cavity.

Using salt solution is another home treatment for flu. Salt is mixed in water to make a solution that you should use to gargle to break and remove the mucus that is thick along your throat. This happens more often when you have been lying on your bed or couch. People who have tried this remedy have also attributed that they have their stuffy ears eased when the salt solution is used.

A mustard plaster is a remedy that has been used for curing chest problems such as congestion. Some grams of mustard seeds are ground, water is added to have a paste of the mixture,and you then take some by scooping and applying it over and around the neck and the chest. There is an aroma, pungent that promotes the sinuses to get unclogged. The heat that is generated helps promote circulation of blood as well as clearing the congestion in the nasal.

Wearing socks that are wet is a flu home remedy that has been used and proved to work. This strategy increases circulation of blood by making the feet wet, the outcome being that blood will move to the legs, most likely bringing down fever that is as a result of the flu. These home remedies for flu can be done to persons of all ages and work well without having to run to a chemist.

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