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A cold sore is a common name that is used to refer to fever blisters. The blisters are caused by a virus, commonlyreferred as a type one simplex virus. Healing of the fever blister occurs after around two to one month and will normally occur in the form of an outbreak that will always occur in the mouth region. It can be an irritant occurrence having fever blisters.

The virus is dominant in the entire life of a man and it therefore waits long enough to have its conditions to thrive. Outbreak of the outrageous condition of fever blisters can be promoted by stressful life , exposing oneself to the sun ,changes in the hormonal balance of a person , skin trauma and for a person that has a generally an immune system that is weak.

Burning sensations that are accompanied by inflammations and swells are some of the conditions that makes the fever blisters be painful. When the type one simplex virus is triggered, small clusters that are white begin to manifest, causing pain and eventually damaging the surface of your skin.

Home remedies for fever blisters serves as the most efficient and time effective mode of treatment of the condition. The steps to follow are very simple to try out, can be done at home naturally and will guarantee relief in the coming three to five days. It is recommended that upon noticing that there are signs of fever blisters forming, the remedies should start being used immediately.

Some of the fever blister home remedy that can be used includes oil from the tea tree. It is one of the most effective blister remover and has added advantage of possessing antibacterial and antiviral functions. With that in mind, it becomes safe to use without worry that home treatment for fever blisters is for saving money rather than taking into consideration the status of your well-being. The procedure to follow when applying the oil is simple, the oil is diluted with water in rations of 1 parts of oil being added to 3 parts of water. A cotton wool or a piece of clothing can be used to apply the end solution to the affected areas. When done thrice in a day for some days, there will be noticeable outcome. Olive oil can also be used as an alternative.

Fever blisters home remedy entails the use of the most basic and most accessible items and products just in your fridge or shelves, including milk. Milk contains certain microelements that helps fight and stall the progress of the fever blisters. The immunoglobins and calcium present in the milk are responsible for providing the protection. Its antiviral qualities are obtained from its fat, thereby boosting the process of healing.

A cotton soaked on whole milk that is cold can be used to wipe around the infected and affected areas. The pain and tingling feeling will go in no time. That can be done routinely every day until you are fully relieved. Apart from applying the milk on the surface of the blisters, you should also partake a glass of the milk at least once for a day and subsequently in the entire week.

A familiar compound referred as hydrogen peroxide is also used during home treatment for fever blisters. The compound is able to contain all forms of bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms against inhibiting the infected areas. Keeping the infected areas out of moisture is one of the roles of this compound, giving very unconducive environment for the virus to thrive. Application of its dosage can be done for about three days, applying for a day.

Another fever blisters home remedy that can be used is by applying garlic. It is also one of the most reliable ingredients to find in a home. When used during home treatment for fever blisters , the garlic release some enzymes that work as being anti-viral as well as being anti-fungal. This gives all forms of microorganisms from surviving in the infected area. The antibacterial nature of almost all of the home remedies for fever blisters works under the principle of disinfection, healing and controlling pain. It is worth a try, free off fever blisters.

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