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Dark puffy circles underneath your eyes are a very disturbing site. Not only do dark circles make you look unhealthy, they also make you appear way older than you really are. A combination of factors work together to cause formation of dark circles for example; cultural pigmentation, epidermis depth and vascularity. Displacement of fat over the orbital rim causes development of a hollow. Consequently, the hollow causes shadowing and creates an appearance of dark circles.  Both men and women alike are affected by dark circles. Today we look at dark circles in depth, causes and home remedies.

Causes of dark circles.

  • Inadequate water intake: Water is very essential in the body. It keeps you hydrated, eases digestion, makes skin supple and flushes out toxins. When one takes inadequate amount of water, the skin sags and toxins accumulate in the body causing change in skin color.
  • Sleeplessness: Most people who sleep less than the required 8 hours have a high tendency to develop dark circles. Working or partying all night means one doesn’t get enough sleep. The tiredness and insomnia causes formation of dark circles.
  • Stress: Persons under stress rarely eat or sleep well. Should they sleep, they keep tossing and turning. This causes formation of dark circles.
  • Heredity: Sometimes, dark circles are not related to your nutritional intake in anyway. They may just be in your genetics. In such cases, there is no cure but after treatment, they can reduce in appearance.
  • Prolonged illness: Recovering from long term illnesses may cause formation of dark circles due to internal weakness.
  • Hemoglobin levels: Low levels of hemoglobin in the body causes pigmentation . You should consult a doctor and take vitamin supplements to improve such situations. A high protein and balanced diet will also do the trick.
  • Computer hours: Long computer hours cause harrowing of the eyes. This in turn leads to stress and dark circles. It is recommended to cup your eyes in your palms every hour to relax eye muscles and improve blood circulation.
  • Melanocytes: They are very active in causing darkening. Over exposure to the sun accentuates darkening.
  • Diet: Intake of junk food causes skin to sallow and gives dark circles.

Home remedies for dark circles.

Nowadays going to the doctor is usually a last minute resort. Most people have come into terms with the application of natural home remedies for dark circles and other treatment at the comfort of their homes. Home treatment employs the use of locally available products. Home treatments if done well save you time and money while at the same time offering you comfort. Many home treatments for dark circles have been invented.  It should however be noted that it takes a long time and great discipline to eliminate the appearance of dark circles. The home treatment for dark circles includes the following:

  • Vitamin supplements: Mostly vitamin B and C. These help repair and improve skin texture.  Fruits like lemons, kiwis, oranges, apricots should be included in your diet to increase your vitamin intake.


  • Massage: Mix coconut and almond oil then gently massage in a circular motion around the hours. Leave for one hour. This routine should be done daily.
  • Eye mask: You will need ground coconut, lemon juice ,grated cucumber, fresh cream and China clay. Mix all the ingredients then refrigerate . Cover your eyes with cotton gauge and apply the mask over. Keep it on for 20 minutes before gently washing with milk then water.
  • Tomato eye toner: Mix lemon juice and fresh tomato juice then massage eye area. Leave 20 minutes then wash with coconut water.
  • Raw potatoes: Raw grated or sliced potatoes have a skin lightening effect.
  • Cucumbers: Slice cucumbers then put in a fridge .Put these slices over your eyes. Works like raw potatoes.
  • Herbal tea. Most people have switched to herbal tea and non sugary drinks due to their health benefits. Instead of throwing away tea bags ,refrigerate them. Apply on the eye area especially after eye massage. Known to lighten skin drastically.
  • Make up and congealer. Can be used for less severe cases. It should however be noted concealer doesn’t eliminate the problem, only hides it for a while.

Other factors like staying stress free, getting enough sleep and drinking adequate water also come into play. Stay healthy, eat nutritious diet and religiously apply these home remedies to eliminate your dark circles.


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