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Having a cough is one of the most common health issues that affect each and every one of us in our lifetime. The blockage irritation that happens when one has a cold is not that appealing at all. The causative agents of a cough ranges from an infection from a virus , common cold , a flu , smoking problems and can also be propagated through other diseases such as TB and asthma.

Having a throat that is itchy, pain in the chest and some sort of congestion still in the chest are some of symptoms of a cough. To counter all of this symptoms and treating of the disease subsequently, the best way you can opt is using home remedies to cure cough. Typically, there are two forms of coughs, namely the dry and the productive one. All of them can be treated using home treatment to cure cough.

From a recent research from the college of Penn State, department of medicine, found that honey works more efficiently and effectively to keep the activity of a cough at minimal, much more suppressing than drugs from a chemist. The demulcent nature of honey gives honey its characteristic high viscosity as well as stickiness that does a fantastic job of covering every part of the irritated membranes of the nose.

The coating protects the membranes against subsequent moisture disruption of the ruptured parts of the skin. That withstanding, it has capabilities to fight against bacterial infection that is much credited to the bees for adding the fighting agent into the honey. Application of honey to cure cough home remedy is a practicable method that shortens the period of time the cough will persist.

There is another source of remedy known as the licorice root tea. The tea is made from the roots of the licorice roots. The plant when made into gives a soothing sensation that overtime brings airwaves through the mucous cover and loosens it, relieving congestion. Licorice tea, which is way sweeter than sugar, inhibits the action of some of the body enzymes.

Gargling water that has salt is also a good home remedy to cure cough. The discomfort experienced by a person who is having a cough can be eased or controlled by using salt water. The water acts on the principle of osmosis, where movement of particles in and out of the cells will depend upon the difference in concentrations. The salt solution makes the concentration on the outside to be high on the part of the membrane covering the mucous. To balance out, water oozes out, thereby giving the membrane ample time and conditions to dry, relieving pain and discomfort.

Use of steam is underrated when it comes to its use to cure cough home remedy, because of perceptions that it does not work, it does work. The steam works to weaken the mucous as well as loosening the phlegm. Oil can be added to the water used to generate the steam for the sole purpose that it will supply the steam with numerous benefits as anti-viral,anti-bacterial as well as anti-inflammatory properties. These properties are transferrable through air and it’s until through steam that one breaths in the said properties. The end results would be to promote the opening of the nasal cavities to fight viruses or bacteria’s off.

Thyme has also been used as home remedies to cure cough for some centuries that have passed on. Thyme has properties that help the trachea and bronchi muscles relaxing as the nasal airways opens up. The end result is a less cough and increase in comfort. Pepper is one of the most traded spices around the world, though limitations have always been in the world of culinary for its use.Being at a close edge with pepper gives one the sensation to make a cough or temptations to tickle the nose, it is the same principle that the spice is used as a home treatment for cure cough as it is not that irritating and would make one expel all the constituents contained in the noise leading to blockage. Curing a cough using the home remedies will ultimately deliver results, and for that matter results that will make you be relieved.


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