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Cats are adorable pets. They are quiet and hygienic; they eat less and need small space to live. Further, they are warm and fluffy. These make them the hence preferred animals as pets.

However, cats can catch different fevers and ailments which affect us due to weather and other factors. Here are different home remedies for cats available to treats the mentioned conditions.


Sometimes cat becomes itchy and scratches a lot. These could be caused by fleas, dandruff or even allergies. These conditions make cats become easily irritated and wild. Controlling them is hard.

In the case of dandruff, was the cat with warm water containing shampoo. Leather well and allow it to penetrate through the fur. Rinse well with plain water. In case it is due to weather, it is recommended that you use a humidifier to cool the cat. The humidifier helps rejuvenate and moisturise the cat’s dry skin, making it feel comfortable. It also clears any suspended pollens which make the cat feeling scratchy.

  1. First Aid

Cats can be protective of their territory and may start a small war leading to scratch cuts and small injuries. In case of scratched, you can administer a quick and effective first aid. By cleaning the wound using baby shampoo, or salty water solution. Gently trim the fur around the wound using shaver then apply the solution to the wound. By covering it with a septic dressing, the wound will heal well and fur grows to cover it again.

  1. Cat cold

Like human beings, cats catch cold. When this happens, cats become dull, their eyes turn teary, their noses runny and they let out shrill sneezes. But unlike humans, they do not have a handkerchief to clear this mess. If this condition is not attended therefore, it could quickly be transferred to your household. It is therefore important to address this matter immediately.

Some common colds clear after a week. However, others require immediate attention. Before taking them to your vet, you make administer the following home remedies for cats to address the situation and monitor the progress.

  • Wash cat. Using warm running tap water, wash the cat to clean the messy look. Close the door for heat vapour to cover the room. By breathing the steam, it will help clear congested respiratory system.
  • Wipe nose. Clean discharge using a warm cloth to help cat breath well.
  • Low appetite may be countered by giving the cat warm aromatic delicious food to stimulate smell and appetite. The food should be soft to increase intake.
  1. Cat Dehydration.

Dehydration is known to cause dry skin dryness and thirst on humans. For cats, dehydration may result into the fur appearance rough and absence of the normal lushness. The cat’s mouth and gum will appear dry and pale. Dehydration in cats may be caused by kidney problem, constipation, shock, increased urination, large wounds, and exposure to heat, lack of moist food and fever.

To check if a cat is dehydrated, pull the skin between its shoulders. It should return back immediately. If it does not return and remain stooped for a few seconds, then your suspicion on cat dehydration is confirmed. There are different stages of dehydrations in a cat, ranging from less than 5% (which is easy to control) to more than 15% (which is life threatening and should be directed to a vet immediately).

The trick is to attend to dehydration promptly in order to avoid chances of going to the vet. To rehydrate a cat using simple home remedies for cat, you may need to induce an IV injection or oral fluid injection. Give it a small amount of pedialyte slowly to increase its need for water then give it water in a bowl to drink.

Remedies to avoid dehydration to your cat will be through:

  • Giving it plenty of fresh water
  • cat water fountain for it to cool if it is hot
  • Provide food with soup.
  • Give it food without onions and garlic which tend to cause dehydrations.
  • Moisten dry food.

Taking care of your cat at home is fast, effective and cheap. It always saves on the cost and time taken to visit a veterinarian for ailments which you could have avoided. Like children, constantly monitor your cats for any strange behaviour. Attending to it before they occur is the best way to keep your pet hence home healthy and safe.

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