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You may have to an instance where you sustained a burn on your skin. Various things such as open flames, steam and hot parts of a machine can cause a burn to skin. Some burns are serious and they require immediate medical attention to find a solution for them. Others are minor and can be treated using home remedies for burns or can heal by themselves. When you sustain a burn through accidental means there are various remedies you can use to treat them at home. Here are some of the home remedies for burns you can apply to treat a skin burn.

Aloe juice

Aloe Vera juice is a powerful medicine and important in healing numerous ailments.  For your information, aloe vera can be used to heal a skin burn. The juice has a soothing effect on a burn hence help in relieving pain. It is also an anti-inflaming, therefore, sooth inflammation of a burn. It is anti-bacterial hence it fights bacteria against affecting the burn. It supports the skin in generating new cells making it easy to generate a new skin on the affected area. All you require to do is to squeeze the juice from a fresh aloe leave into a container. Then you gently apply on the affected part of the skin. The gel will relief pain as well as stimulate quick recovery of the burn.


Vinegar is anti-inflammatory hence prevent the burn from inflammation. It is also astringent and antiseptic hence heals the burn and protect it against infection. It is antibacterial and thus prevents the burn against bacterial attack. It is also a pain reliever which soothes the nerves hence drawing away the pain. The process of application involves adding a few drops of vinegar into some little water in a container. Then use a cotton wool or a piece of cloth to gently apply or rub the vinegar on the burn. The burn will heal with time after continuous application of diluted vinegar.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is another method used in home treatment for burns. It is anti-inflammatory hence protecting the burn against inflammation. It is also rich in vitamins and minerals that stimulate rapid healing of the skin. Vitamin E in the oil makes the burn heal faster while the antibacterial properties in it, prevents the burn from infection. Coconut oil when applied on the burn twice a day, it will enhance healing of the burn dramatically.


Honey is another natural ingredient used in home remedies for burns. It cools down the burn hence mitigates the pain. It also accelerates the growth of new cells on the burn hence increasing the rate of healing. It is antibacterial hence prevents the burn from bacterial infections. You need to apply a significant amount of honey on the burn to cover it. The burn will heal and change significantly.


Milk is an important pain reliever when applied on the burn immediately. It relieves pain and prevents the burn against inflammation.  It also protects the burnt skin against losing more water hence maintain it at a hydrated state. Milk also increases the rate of healing.  You gently apply the milk on the affected part of the skin.

Raw potato

Raw potato is another thing you can use to treat a minor burn. It soothes the burn hence mitigating the pain. It also helps to clear the mark after the burn has healed.  You need to slice the potato into small pieces. Then crush the pieces against a sieve or a piece of a cloth to extract the juice in the potato. Then rub the juice on the burn.

Black tea

Black tea bags are also important in treating burns. Black tea contains tannic acid which has a soothing property hence helps in alleviating pain from the burn. You have to deep the black tea bag in cold water,. Then you hold it upon the part of the skin that is burnt. It will relieve pain and aid in  the recovery of burns.

Mint tooth paste

Mint tooth paste also has a soothing effect on the burn hence mitigates pain. It also has antibacterial components. It is also anti-septic, thereby protecting burns against infections. By applying the paste to the burn, it suppressed the pains and aid in its healing process.

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