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Back pain can be a grueling experience the moment it attacks you. There are several causes of back pain and it is a problem that affects people each day. Some of the causes of back pain include sitting for long hours on a chair with a steep backrest, bending for long hours, involving yourself in strenuous activities and having a knock on your back. This problem will disturb until a remedy is gotten to get rid of it. There are some means you can use to deal and mitigate this problem while at home if it is not very severe.  Home remedies for back pain allow you to deal with the problem as well as to prevent the problem. Here are some of them.

Bath with Epsom salt

Epsom salt is an amazing cure for back pain. The salt help even in healing serious back pains that are persistent. When used in bathing, it easily penetrates into the body and sooths the paining muscles. It offers immediate recovery since it is easily absorbed into the body. All you need to do is to dissolve some Epsom salt in lukewarm bathing water. Then wash your body with the water. The problem will disappear within very short time due to the ability to sooth muscles by the salt.

Body massage

Body massage is another home treatment for back pain you can apply to mitigate back pain. Massage helps in relieving the pain by soothing the stressed muscles of the back. The tense muscles will therefore, get back to normal and the pain will reduce with massage. When you are a couple, you can massage each other to tone down the stressed muscles of the back and this will open them and relieve them from pain. Massage is an easy way to evade back pain.

Body stretching

Body stretching is vital in reducing the tension of the muscles hence in mitigating back pain. You can undertake to do body stretch exercises every morning for perfect stature. You also not stretch your body beyond the limit since this will aggravate the pain. The stretching should be moderate to ensure that the extent you do it is helpful to your back.

Herbal oil

Herbal oil is another means you can use to mitigate back pain. When you massage your body with herbal oil it will help to reduce the tension of the muscles. This relaxes the muscles hence treating the pain.  There are several herbal massage oils and their effects are ideal. Coconut oil and almond oil are examples of herbal massage oil you can use to cure back pain.


Ginger is anti-inflammatory hence; it can be an important cure for back aches. It can solve the problem by preparing it into a paste. You should ground ginger root and add some water to form a paste. Rub the paste on the affected part of the back. You can even prepare some ginger tea using ginger root.  When you drink the ginger tea regularly it will help relax the inflamed muscles hence giving you a relief from the problem.


You can as well use garlic as a means of alleviating back pain. Garlic is a pain reliever hence works by relaxing tension on the back muscles. By consuming pieces of garlic cloves every morning, you can keep back pains at bay. You can also make garlic oil and use it to massage.  Garlic oil relaxes the muscles and stems out the back pain.

Basil leaves

Drinking water boiled out of basil leaves will also help you deal with the back pain problem. Basil leaves contain inflammatory properties that make them effective in dealing with back pain. You need to boil some basil leave in water. After boiling the leaves, sieve to remove the leaves. Then add some little salt to the water and drink a cup every morning. This will alleviate the pain.

Chamomile tea

Chamomile is among the best Home remedies for back pain. It works by soothing the muscles hence relaxing them against tension. It is also anti-inflammatory hence reducing the pain caused by muscle inflammation. You can prepare chamomile tea by putting some chamomile flowers into some boiling water. Then you drink the boiled water twice a day. It will help soothe the muscles and reduce muscle stress.

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