Home Based Treatment for Cellulite

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Home Based Treatment for Cellulite.


Cellulite is merely an aesthetic problem caused by the accumulation of fat tissue and visible as bumpy, uneven skin texture. This condition is entirely reasonable, and approximately 90% of all women in the world have it.

Despite the fact that cellulite is unattractive and can cause a loss of confidence, it is not harmful in any way, and there are plenty of successful home treatments and remedies available for cellulite removal.

Cellulite begins to form as the lymphatic and vascular systems affecting circulation become restricted, causing the formation of abnormal fat nodules, commonly in the buttocks and thigh areas. The actual culprit can be difficult to pinpoint, but it is probably related to body fat, aging, and skin thickness.

The good news is that there are various popular cellulite removal treatments available, from medical and surgical methods to simple home remedies. Medical treatments often promise instant cellulite removal (to some degree), but often requires several treatment sessions to eliminate cellulite completely, depending on the severity of the cellulite and type of therapy being used.

It is also worth mentioning that such treatments do not always deliver. Let us not forget that cellulite is a common condition which can be an average effect of the aging process, accumulation of fat, and indeed lifestyle. Some people believe that medical or surgical treatments are the best instant cellulite cures, but there is always a possibility that it will reappear; unless you change your lifestyle, diet and exercise habits.

Traditional treatments include, but are not limited to Mesotherapy, LipoDissolve, and VelaSmooth. Any particular treatment can be very effective for one person, but not as effective for another. Depending on your skin conditions and other factors, your therapists or doctors should be able to determine the best type of treatment for you. All of these treatments use different methods and processes, but they do have one thing in common-they are expensive. The price is, of course, affected by severity and the size of the areas and amount of treatments needed.

On average, the minimum price is $125 per treatment, while the maximum is $600. However, the price may reach thousands of dollars per area. Considering that each treatment needs to be completed over numerous sessions, you may have to spend a lot of money before you can see optimum results.

A Better Alternative

Cellulite removal does not always have to involve surgical treatment, injections, laser, and other medical procedures. As previously mentioned this condition is not harmful and is only treated for aesthetic-related reasons. Moreover, since it is considered normal about the aging process and lifestyle, cellulite can be a recurrent problem regardless of how much you have spent.

Cellulite removal does not have to be expensive because there are better alternatives. For example, there are home-based treatments and natural remedies. As a matter of fact, at-home treatments can usually deliver the same results compared to those medical treatments that cost quite a lot of money. Another advantage of home remedies is that they use supplies or ingredients commonly found in the home, so they are not difficult to find. In addition to home remedies, some of the most efficient ways to reduce cellulite are to exercise regularly and improve your eating habits. Diet and exercise are affordable, good for your overall health, and can certainly be great solutions to reduce cellulite permanently.

Cellulite is an accumulation of fat that has disconnected from surrounding body tissues and then forms into an accumulation of poorly-distributed fat in the most susceptible areas of your body. As a general rule, strength-training workouts balanced with a healthy diet will build your muscles, and due to the skin’s elasticity, increased muscle volume will force the skin to adapt. The result is smoother skin and stronger body. Of course, you should continue eating healthy foods; especially those high in fiber, which will improve your metabolism and burn fat faster. If you must consume fatty foods, please choose healthy fats, such as olive and coconut oil.

Massage therapy is also an excellent cellulite treatment, and it is a much cheaper alternative to medical therapies. Massage therapy works by increasing blood circulation and fat-burning by applying pressure to the skin. It helps to remove toxins and excess water from the skin’s tissues, making it one of the healthiest cellulite removal treatments.

Instead of consuming medications, applying expensive lotions or injecting chemical-based substances to your body, vigorous massage can deliver quite impressive results. There are also some home cures that can be taken along with massage therapy, such as coffee grounds. Coffee grounds are a wonderful topical remedy for cellulite because it stimulates and increases blood circulation while extracting excess water from the body.

Essential oils are another great home remedy to use along with massage. Once again, you can use essential oils for massage therapy to directly improve its effects. Some of the best essential oils that are effective as cellulite cures are coconut oil, grapefruit oil, cypress oil, and juniper oil. All of these essential oils have one benefit in common: they strengthen connective tissues when applied topically, and they stimulate toxin removal. Please keep in mind that these oils can be an allergen to some people, so a patch test is always recommended before every new treatment to ensure you don’t develop an allergic reaction.


Cellulite removal or reduction is possible with injections, surgical, or laser treatments but you can also significantly reduce cellulite with straightforward and inexpensive methods such as exercise, diet and massage therapy.

In addition to being cheaper alternatives to chemical-based drugs, home remedies including coffee and essential oils are in most cases also safer since they are acquired mostly from natural sources such as fruits and plants.

The best news is that simply by changing your lifestyle to include regular exercise and healthy foods, cellulite can be significantly reduced or eliminated without the random time and expense of medical or surgical treatments.

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