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Substance abuse has permeated into all level of family, schools and even institutions. Our children interact with children and friends from other backgrounds and social cultures. Further, with the advent of the information technology, our youth tend to have “friend” they have never met, seen or visited. These are virtual friends. Due to the children relative honesty and trust, they do not seem to quick note or establish whether these face book friend are really who they claim to be.

The news channels have been prevalent of children being molested over the new. Undue pressure and fear of bullying may induce your children to get into drugs. These also are readily and easily available through elaborate networks in the internet chat room.

Us as parents need to be vigil and take the necessary precaution before these little trial traits become a drug menace in our homes. We have seen families losing precious children to drugs and therefore, there is no need to take any chances.

The first way is to talk to your child and monitor their activities. They may lie to you, The most sure method is therefore, to undertake periods drug test checks just to be sure things are not getting out of place. You can do the cheap drug test at home. Before you do this, there are tips the parent must undertake to verify if their children are actually taking drugs.

Testing tips for parents

It’s natural to believe what you child is telling you. However, we are aware that good children can occasionally make costly decisions by experimenting with illegal substances and alcohol, due to peer pressure and temptations.

There are different kits available to test drugs at homes. They include kits for marijuana, cocaine, alcohol, methamphetamine, amphetamine and other similar substances. They perform various function. There are test kits utilising urine, hair drug test, saliva tests and breath tests. Urine is the second most popular test after the scientific blood test. Doing a blood test is more accurate but requires expensive testing equipment controlled environment and specific staff. The most popular test which can be done by anyone to test drugs at home is therefore, urine test.

Here are some testing tips to help ensure an accurate test result:

  • Without prior notice, wake your child up early and follow him/her to the washroom and instruct them to urinate in a content.
  • Testing drug from the morning urine provides good result being highly concentrated urine, thereby making detection easy.
  • Have either a cup and cassette urine test kit ready. If you are using a cup test, issue your child the cup portion of the test kit. In case you prefer to use cassette test, give your son/daughter a clean container for urine collection.
  • Ensure you monitor his urination process to avoid adulteration of urine. If it is your daughter, her mother supervision will be unnerving. Same goes to son who will be at ease with his father’s supervision of the process.
  • Secure the urine content immediately after being filled by urine. The exterior of the container should feel warm on your grasp to signifies a fresh collection of urine (equivalent to body temperature).
  • Once you have obtained the urine, you can undertake the test even in your bedroom. Do not leave the sample until the results are displayed. This is because you may want to take it to an accredited lab for further analysis to confirm it your results are correct.
  • If the test result is positive, then you can send the sample to a well-equipped laboratory.
  • If negative, the you are safe and do not need further analysis.

Keep talking to your child but then home test for drugs is the sure way to dispel your fear or suspicion of your child drug taking.

Alcohol testing can be used on wayward children by a simply breath or saliva test. These two methods calculate the quantity of alcohol in our children blood stream and provide instant results.

The advantage of home drug testing is that it deter the child from indulging in substance abuse knowing well that they are being monitored.

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