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In the daily course of our lives, there are times when some illnesses will come along amid challenges of not being able access the chemist and pharmacy stores in the local center. With the said illness, there are all sorts of solutions that are just within your reach, at your home. These basic home treatments will help you cut on the hustle and cost of running up and down stranded in in any case one of those cases arise. Even though the treatments are basically for the minor and less severe health complications, they play a vital role in mitigating against development into the worst. From the common cold, sour throat, to insomnia, fatigue amongst others can all be controlled from home and give positive results.

Indigestion basic home remedy is one of the most practical that you can do. All you need is tea made from fennel. Fennel seeds are ground and used as a spice or as an ingredient of a spice mixture. The funnel tea is good in cases of bloating; stomach gas and can also do well with an upset stomach. When the drink is partaken severally after having meals, it will play a vital role in promoting digestion. Critically, the basic home treatment is both a preventive and curative natural alternative for illnesses that can be done at home.

Another basic home remedy that can be done in the kitchen is when treating an itchy rash. It is a good alternative turning to nature instead of using the convectional cream made from steroids. Instead, cream that is made from plants and other ointment such as calendula is used. The said creams natural forms of antiseptic that are also good for burn treatment as well as skin that is irritated. You may want to have these plants producing cream planted in your garden from now on.

Treating asthma using the basic home remedy is the most practical. It will involve practicing yoga more often on your carpet or in the yard. From time to time, you might need a puff or two using your inhaler. A posture known as the cobra has the credit of clearing the path for breathing for the asthmatics.

Basic home treatments for fever is generally practicable as the only thing you are required to do is to wet a pair of socks in cold water, and then step on them. When you try this practice at home, you will have no doubts that Tylenol will be out of all the options to consider. It is a naturopathic basic home remedy that will help you reduce fever before you wake up in the morning. You can also use cotton socks to try the same practice.

When dealing with stress or nervousness the best basic home treatments is organizing or planning for a recess or a break from your daily chores, jobs or duties. Even some short time breaks from time to time will help relieve stress. An environment with adequate supply of the blessings of nature such as fresh air, shade under trees and lighting from nature is the most ideal for the practice.

For a cold, making your own cure made from the nature’s herbs is the best. Garlic,basil,cinnamon, lemons as well as fresh ginger slices are the best in treating a cold in the kitchen. One or a combination of the two ingredients is infused with a glass of water and the symptoms will fade away within no time.


Lack of sleep or what is normally called insomnia affects many people in our homes. It becomes even harder contemplating on what to do in the middle of the night knowing well its sleep time. But basically, the home remedy treatments are eliminating some engagements and activities that you do at night. This will help make your body system to cool down, calming the mind before time for sleep.

Lips that have cracks are a clear indication that you are limiting yourself to drinking water. The basic home remedy is making a concoction of oil made from olive and honey to sooth and makes the lips soft again. You should however avoid being dehydrated.

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